Kosta Boda Swedish Art Glass

Kosta Boda, a unique art glass with a modern design and brilliant use of colors, is very much sought after. If you love decorating your home with glass works of art, then Kosta Boda has everything to offer you including bowls, vases, sculptures and other creations to brighten up your house. Matching and mixing Kosta Boda makes for a delightful style.

Being one of the oldest Sweden's glass works that has been operating since 1742, Kosta Boda is now one of the world's most dominating brands of art glass and glassware. Kosta Boda has definitely refined technology and the understanding of glass by providing a bold, innovative and a vibrant glasswares.

Colorful, artistic, and handmade glass from the Swedish furnaces have allowed Kosta Boda to be among the world's and Sweden's leading manufacturer of Kosta Boda crystal and Kosta Boda glass. Designers and artist create both art appliances and beauty that have been exhibited and sold all over the globe. 

The historic charm of the Kosta Boda glass has been maintained by introducing modern techniques to their traditional practices, enabling the designers to broaden their expression. Several renowned designers are working with a variety of objects which include Kosta Boda vases, Kosta Boda sculptures and Kosta Boda bowls. 

A few renowned Kosta Boda artists and designers that have been successful in maintaining the pride and prestige of Kosta Boda include Anna Ehrner, Olle Broz, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, Warff Goran, Louis Lofgren, Kjell Engman, Vicke Lindstrand and Ann Wahlstrom.

Kosta Boda Signed Pieces

The Kosta Boda glass pieces are often signed. Artists and craftsmen of Kosta Boda not only embodied various distinctive folkways of the design of Scandinavia's, but they also helped in defining those traditions. When you buy Kosta Boda, you buy a lineage of great craftsmanship and design that has prevailed for more than 260 years. With this, the Kosta Boda artists engraved their signatures on the Kosta Boda glass works, sculpture and vases as a part of recognition.

Why do people collect art glass?

People who are not fond of collecting art glasses may not understand the satisfaction and fascination that art glass collectors share. There are many reasons for why people collect art glass. However, one main reason is to appreciate the perfection of the artist and that it enhances the house decor. Not only does it provide additional colors to your house or workplace, but it also tends to provide the finishing touches that your house or workplace requires.

However, the most important reason for people collecting art glasses is purely for investment purposes. The glass art works from artists and designers who have established themselves as prominent in the industry tend to increase in value over time, and hence the pieces can be worth thousands of dollars. Not only does it provide unrivaled beauty, but the value tends to increase as you enjoy it's beauty.

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