Belleek China

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Belleek China

Belleek Shamrock Weave Cup and Saucer

Belleek china and pottery once only made in Ireland, is now made in other countries as well as in the United States.  Belleek china and pottery is the oldest craft pottery made in Ireland.  John Caldwell Bloomer founded Belleek in 1857.

 Each piece is made from white bisque, parian. This quality Irish china  is so very delicate.  It is an example of truly Irish original craftsmanship. The Belleek china has a creamy yellow glaze often adorned in shamrocks. Their craftsmanship has been handed down from generation to generation. No two pieces are exactly the same.

Did you know that only Irish pieces made in Ireland can use
the trademark Belleek with a capital “B”?  If you ever get to
travel overseas to Northern Ireland, you should be sure to visit
the Belleek Pottery Visitor Center. It has been in existence
since 1857 and is one of the oldest potteries in Ireland.

We have a nice selection of Irish china figurines, Belleek china cross, teapots, Irish vases and Irish treasures that suits a variety of budgets.  Whether you are a collector or just looking for a gift, come in and visit us. Belleek china is great for giving as a gift!

Collecting American Belleek

Collecting American Belleek (Schiffer Book for Collectors) Hardcover – August 30, 2003

Using over 390 breathtaking color photographs, this fascinating book displays the fine porcelain products manufactured by Ceramic Art Company*TM and Lenox, Inc.*TM, Ott and Brewer*TM, and the Willets Manufacturing Company*TM from the 1880s to 1930. Displayed among the wide array of items, ranging from tablewares and tea sets to pitchers and vases, are hand-painted and signed decorations by famous artists, including H. J. Nosek, Walter Marsh, and George and William Morley. The fascinating text includes a brief history of American Belleek, aids to the identification of professional and amateur decorations, guides to condition and restoration, an extensive bibliography, index, and current market values in the captions. This book will be treasured by everyone with an appreciation for fine quality porcelains.

  • Series: Schiffer Book for Collectors
  • Hardcover: 160 pages
  • Publisher: Schiffer Pub Ltd (August 30, 2003)
  • Language: English
  • ISBN-10: 0764318608
  • ISBN-13: 978-0764318603
  • Product Dimensions: 11 x 8.7 x 0.8 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Average Customer Review: 4.0 out of 5 stars  See all reviews (1 customer review)
  • Amazon Best Sellers Rank: #1,861,146 in Books (See Top 100 in Books)

Your One Stop for Apple iPhones

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Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (White) – AT&T

For years I have been wanting to buy an Apple iPhone for myself. I have so many friends who already had one of these great Apple iPhones. They bought their Apple iPhones in the early years. I don’t know why I waited so long to purchase mine. I already owned an Apple iPad and was dragging my feet on this purchase. Well two years ago, I took the plunge and purchase one. Now that I have owned one of these fantastic iPhones for a few years, I’d like to tell you that I am more than please with its performance, ease of use, and appearance.



I recently purchased my husband an Apple iPhone 5c 16GB as a gift for our anniversary. The Apple iPhone has so many great features like the 8 MP iSight camera and the ability to record video with the 1080p HD video recording program. These were the features he like most because he didn’t want to have to carry around a camera with him.

Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (White) – AT&T

Product Details

Size: 16 GB

Color: White
Brand: Apple
Model: 5c
Released on: 2013-09-20
Dimensions: 4.90″ h x .35″ w x 2.33″ l, .29 pounds


4-inch Retina display
A6 chip
8MP iSight camera and 1080p HD video recording
FaceTime HD camera

Product Description

The iPhone 5c puts all of the features of the iPhone 5 into a completely new design colorful unibody shell that feels great in your hand. It features 4G LTE data, high resolution 4-inch display, Siri voice assistant, AirPlay media streaming, 8-megapixel main camera plus 1.2MP HD front camera. This iPhone 5c is also equipped with 16 GB storage, WiFi, Bluetooth compatibility, multi-format music player, and quadband GSM and WCDMA modes for international use.

Customer Reviews

Most helpful customer reviews
New phone at a great price
5.0 out of 5 Stars By T. Harris
I was a little leery but it was a brand new phone and no problems at all activating and getting AT&T to switch the sim to this new phone.

5.0 out of 5 Stars (Pink) iPhone 5c 16GB , Used
By Sierra
WOW! I could not believe I got a used iPhone 5 with not a single scratch !! It’s in New condition and came with the wall charger plus a case matching the color. I honestly couldn’t believe what spectacular shape it was in and not expensive for and iPhone 5 at all! Shipped in 2 days and in excellent working condition, I swear it has to be new !!! 110% satisfied customer right here !!

5.0 out of 5 stars Apple iPhone 5c 16GB (White) -AT&T,
March 5, 2014
Great purchase! I’m loving my iPhone. I’m getting used to my first Apple product. Ease & comfort comes with this iPhone.

Buy Apple iPhone on Amazon

Price:  $480.00

buy it now


Lefton Collectibles

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Lefton Collectibles

railroad crossingLefton Collectibles are fast becoming one of the most desirable, sought-after type of collectible on the secondary market today. Collecting porcelain Lefton china and figurines is a worldwide hobby that is both  very affordable and enjoyable. Lefton porcelain figurines come in all styles and shapes. Collecting Lefton china and figurines is a great starting point for many novice collectors because Lefton china and figurines are easily obtainable on the market today.

Geo. Zoltan Lefton was responsible for introducing the Lefton company.  Many of the Lefton collectibles are highly sought after. The Lefton company produced beautiful holiday and Christmas hand-painted porcelain statues and figurines.  Many collectors chose to collect the head vases of women that were produced over the years.

Other Lefton collectibles include cookie jars, figurines, teapots, jam jars, planters, pitchers, salt and pepper shakers.

Many of our favorite items are the Lefton bird figurines which are very life like.


Collecting Egg Cups

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Egg cups are thought to have been originated in ancient Turkey and Greece, and just like their use has evolved over the centuries, their form has evolved as well.  For example, the egg stand, the three cup or the two cup egg holder, the egg cup with room for salt and butter, the  Victorian egg cup etc.  Among these various kinds of egg cups, the most popular of them is the single piece, which comes in either a bucket shape or goblet shape, together with various sizes. Today, egg cups, especially vintage egg cups are becoming extremely popular because they add uniqueness and beauty to any kitchen display.

vintage egg cups

Why Do People Collect Egg Cups?

Egg cups are said to make the perfect collectible item. The reason for this is that they are not only beautiful and come in various shapes, sizes and designs, but also because they are easily portable, small, useful and affordable as well. There  is an abundance of various egg cup styles and designs, and hence they tend to provide a healthy hunting ground for the collectors. There are various ways in which the collectors could classify their collection of egg cups. They can be collected without any particular goal, or could be collected based upon themes like animals, colors, shapes, sizes, time period, advertising logos, scenic designs or popular faces. Be it a German egg cups, a Selangor egg cup vintage, vintage English egg cups or vintage antique  silver egg cup sets, there is a wide variety to chose from.

What Kind of Egg Cups Do People Collect?

People often use egg cups which look appealing and pretty since it tends to attract them instantly. For example, vintage egg cups are often widely used and are appreciated as well. Vintage English egg cups from England, a popular vintage egg cup from England, are said to be extremely beautiful in their pattern and design. You could also look for vintage antique silver egg cups as they are reliable and long lasting and won’t break for a very long time. Common and simple egg cups such as the vintage German egg cups or vintage Selangor egg cups are recommended for those who do not like their egg cups to be painted or printed.

There are a wide range and variety of egg cups and they are categorized in different ways by the collectors. Some people collect egg cups based upon the size: The ordinary size that holds a single egg, the double egg cup, and a much larger version which holds other food items together with the egg. Others may categorize the eggcups based upon cosmetic lines, classified into two types: The plain egg cup which has a design painted or printed on to it, and the other type includes an egg cup molded into a specific type of shape.

How To Use An Egg Cup

Egg cups are often used to cradle soft boiled eggs, allowing the egg to be kept upright while it is being consumed. Although egg cups are not used as often as they were used in the past, they could still be found in many old sets of utensils and could prove to be very useful breakfast accessories. The proper way to use an egg cup is to slice off the top layer of the egg, preventing any extra cracks in the sides of the shell. This would allow the egg to sit straight in the egg cup, and would decrease the chances of the spillage of the yolk. The egg can later be scooped out of the shell with either strips of toasted bread or a small spoon.

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Get The Danni App Shirt

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The Danni App Shirts and Hoodies

Get this great t shirt, join the Danni App and you will soon be Smoking Hot too! Order this shirt today!

the danni app t-shirt
The Danni App

E-bay sellers who join the Danni App Academy stand out among the accomplished E-bay sellers. This is one of the hottest groups to join today!  One-on-one private coaching is what it’s all about.

Get this great t shirt, join the this great group and you will soon be Smoking Hot too!  Order this shirt today! Hanes Tagless T-shirt just $16.00 plus shipping

You can also order hoodies and long sleeved t-shirts.



Herend China

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Herend China

Herend China Dog Figurine

Herend China dishes and figurines made from fine porcelain are great collectibles for the porcelain collector but make even better gift ideas. Herend Porcelain Manufactory of Hungary has been around for over 160 years.  The Herend factory started around 1820 in Hungary. Hungarian hand-painted porcelain and china is created by master artists. The master painters highlight many of their pieces is 24 kt gold.

 Fit for a Queen

Some of the first Herend China was designed for Queen Victoria.  The Queen Victoria pattern is designed with beautiful with flowers, butterflies, a green border and has gold accents. Many of the first patterns were named after some of their first customers.  Queen Victoria and Rothschild were among their first buyers.  A hand-painted bird, floral, insect design was designed in honor of  Rothschild. This very popular pattern is called Rothschild Bird.

Herend Porcelain Tertia Pattern
Herend Porcelain Tertia Pattern

Herend Fishnet Figurines

Herend Fishnet figurines became popular in the 1950s. The fishnet design, which adorns many of today’s Herend figurines, took form in 1874. After observing an old porcelain plate with a design of a fish with intricate scales, the artist painted a rooster figurine, with a black fishnet pattern imitating feathers. Today’s figurines are available with the fishnet painted from head to toe.

Why not warm your home with their gorgeous fishnet figurines, Herend lamps and baskets, cachepots and vases or some of their stunning china and dinnerware ? Owning and collecting fine  porcelain items by Herend  is  a special luxury you will be proud to display in your home.

Hot Wheel Cars Grand Prix Series

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     Hot Wheel Cars Grand Prix Series ©

Hot Wheels cars had changed the entire toy industry forever. Around 1968, with more than forty years after they were first introduced, Hot Wheels cars are now among the most popular toys collected for profit and fun.

Hot wheel cars which are the classic diecast toy cars, are the icon of America and are considered to be some of the most famous collectible play toys in the history! It is loved among all adults and kids, many fans boast over 10k items in their Hot Wheel Cars collections. While some people start purchasing all of the Hot Wheels cars they can find available, this may not be the best method for starting any type of collection, potentially costing buyers much more money in the long run.

mattel hot wheel cars

                                     The Grand Prix Series

In 1969, Mattel released a line-up of 24 brand new hot wheel cars involving the new Grand Prix Series which are featured to be the famous race cars from the mid-to late-1960s. The J-car and 8 brand new vehicles were sold on a new designed blister card with some trademark metal buttons, featuring a decal sheet or a sticker under the vehicle.

The 11 grand prix vehicles can be segregated into 2 groups: the open wheel Indy cars and the wide body CanAm/Le Mans cars. The four Indy cars- Brabham Repco, Lotus Turbine, Shelby Turbine and Indy Eagle- were manufactured at the Hong Kong plant only, while the seven wide body cars were manufactured at both, the Hong Kong and the US plants.

All of the Mattel Hot Wheel Grand Prix cars were manufactured in various Spectraflame colors and a few signature enamel colors. Spectraflame paint was yet another different feature of the early Hot Wheel cars. It was a transparent paint and was painted over a shiny metal body, resulting in a metallic view of the paint job. The colors of some different cars are very significant to collectors because the color in huge part determines the value. For example, a purple Indy Eagle is common while a purple Porsche 917 is kind of rare and is worth some several hundred dollars! Likewise, the casting variation and the combination of colors determines the value such as, the purple Ferrari 312 Ps from Hong Kong plant are very common, but the US purple 312 Ps are very rare.

Although these cars do cost a fortune, replica cars have also became popular for those who could not afford these cars. These replicas have now also started gaining popularity and it is only a matter of time that these replica cars also boost up their prices. An example of this is the die cast toy replica cars that have been trending the entire toy market.

All of the Grand Prix cars have different, interesting and unique features. These are defined on the separate car pages, along with a list of the type of colors that each car was issued in.

Hot wheel cars offer thousands of different kinds of models which can be then added to the collection. For this same reason, these model cars are famous among collectors world-wide.


Best Prices on Antique Gold Pocket Watches

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Collecting Antique Pocket Watches

Collecting antique pocket watches is an enjoyable hobby. Many great grandparents have passed these time pieces down to their heirs. Pocket watches are time pieces which operated mechanically.  They were powered by hand-winding. I bet many of us would forget to wind our watches today as we have become so reliant on modern battery driven watches and clocks.

Many antique watches no longer work or have damage to them. The watches that are over 100 years of age are considered to be antiques. Many pocket watches were attached to pocket watch chains to protect them from loss.

The railroad pocket watch is a very popular collector watch. Heirloom pocket watches  came in an array of styles usually crafted in gold or silver. The antique watches were expensive to maintain because they contained over 100 parts. If you are a collector, a reference/price guide is quite essential if you want to determine the value of this timepiece.


antique pocket watch
Antique Pocket Watch

Collecting Antique Pocket Watches

End Date: Wednesday Aug-27-2014 23:23:42 PDT

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End Date: Wednesday Sep-3-2014 10:09:51 PDT
Buy It Now for only: $145.00
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Bulova Caravelle 7 Jewel Open Face Gold Thin Pocket Watch Date N9 France Cs 8294
Bulova Caravelle 7 Jewel Open Face Gold Thin Pocket Watch Date N9 France Cs 8294
$31.00 (5 Bids)
End Date: Wednesday Aug-27-2014 23:33:26 PDT

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End Date: Wednesday Aug-27-2014 23:46:40 PDT

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Collecting Vintage Fishing Rods and Reels

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Collecting Vintage Fishing Rods and Reels

Collecting  vintage fishing rods and reels has turned into somewhat of a hobby for many collectors.  For many people fishing remains to be one of their favorite past times. With the technical precision that goes into rods and reels and through using carbon fiber and other forms of strong, lightweight material, fishing has become much more advanced than ever before.

Looking back and seeing just how rods and reels have evolved through the years can be a humbling experience and also remind you of times past. Many collectors enjoy collecting these vintage rods and reels in order to proudly display them and their sturdiness and beauty.

When it comes to finding the best vintage fishing rods and reels  there are plenty of online communities where you can find the very best items from around the world. Online auction sites such as eBay as well as many online retailers make it easy to get vintage fishing gear. There are a number of trusted companies which are prized among collectors for their history and quality. Some of the popular names include the following companies.

Bristol  vintage fishing rods and fishing reels were created by the Horton Manufacturing company in Bristol Connecticut. Bristol was one of the first companies that created a telescopic steel rod and created many different trusted rods and reels throughout the early 1900’s and late 1800’s. Today Bristol rods and reels continue to be a popular collector’s item.

Wright & McGill vintage fishing rods and reels are also quite popular among collectors and fishermen alike. This company was established in the 1920’s and Wright and McGill were among the first in the world to change the original design of the fish hook.

The company began in Colorado in the late 1920’s as a company known for high quality fly tying and production. Wright & McGill advanced the fishing hook by giving it more penetrating power.

Modeled after an eagles claw, the Eagle Claw hook design is now used widely in many fishing and tackle applications. As a result the still existing company of Wright and McGill remains to be one of the more popular producers of fishing lures, rods, reels and equipment in the market today. Many collectors still seek out Wright and McGill fly Rods and Wright & McGill reels because of their extensive history in the business.

Keeping these vintage fishing companies in mind will help you if you are seeking to start a collection. These are among the most desirable names to start collecting and if you can get your hands on just some of these great vintage fishing poles or even some vintage fishing lures from these companies, you can start to build a great collection with a high resale value.

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Have Some Tea With Me

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Guess who is coming to town?