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Pocket Watches Are A Great Collectible Item

Pocket Watches Collecting antique pocket watches is an enjoyable hobby. Many great grandparents have passed these timepieces down to their children. Pocket watches are timepieces which operated mechanically.  They were powered by hand-winding. The were either opened face or had cover cases that were engraved or ornamented. If we went back to using this type of watch, […]

Sadler Teapots

Sadler Teapots Sadler teapots are well known throughout the world.  James Sadler and Sons Ltd. was originally founded in 1882 at Staffordshire, England. Sadler makes English cottage scene teapots, scenes of London teapots, British historical scene teapots, as well as their own vintage original shaped tea pots. There are teapots depicting famous castles and classic […]

Vintage Stoneware Crocks Always Had Many Uses

Vintage Stoneware Crocks Vintage stoneware crocks and jugs were used for food storage in earlier times before glass was used.  Stoneware crocks were very durable. Many vintage crocks were used to preserve, process and cool food in streams as well.  They were used in the late 1880’s by homemakers and storekeepers alike. Larger crocks were […]

Treadle Sewing Machines

Treadle Sewing Machines Treadle sewing machines were used in the early 1900’s but made at a much earlier date. Back in the day when I was twelve years old, my grandmother taught me how to sew on a treadle sewing machine. Let me tell you that this sewing machine was operated by pumping your foot on […]

walking cane

Walking Canes

Walking Canes Canes for walking come in all sizes and shapes. They are great to use when you are unsteady on your feet and need help with your balance, but they have other uses as well. I like to use one when I walk through my neighborhood because they are great for scaring off a […]

Memorial Day – Memoir from a World War II Veteran

Memorial Day – Memoir from a World War II Veteran by: Margaret Hampton Reineberg 1920-2009 In honor of Memorial Day we are posting this article. The attack on Pearl Harbor shocked the nation.  America was not prepared to go to fight a war, and it was not going well, but on the other hand, this […]

brilliant cut glass

Collecting Brilliant Cut Glass

Collecting Brilliant Cut Glass One type of heavy, leaded, cut glass that has fine, great details (multi-faceted) and has geometric patterns and prisms is called brilliant cut glass. The Brilliant period lasted from 1876 to 1914. Most of this early glass was produced in the European countries such as England, Ireland and France. When it […]

Kosta Boda

Kosta Boda Swedish Art Glass

Kosta Boda Swedish Art Glass Kosta Boda art glass from Sweden is known for its true works of art in a contemporary design.  The art glasswork is created by hand and loved for its artistry and color. Kosta Boda is often referred to as the “Mother of  the Kingdom of Crystal”.  These masterpieces are known […]

Civil War

Civil War Collectibles

Civil War Collectibles Civil War memorabilia is a great way to be part of history. The battle was fought between 1861-1865. In 1861 there were thirty-four states of which seven declared their secession to become the Confederate States of America. Later on four more states and several western territories joined in with the Confederate States. […]